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Jen W.

By: Jen W.

I had my car repaired after an accident and they did a great job fixing it. The repairs were guaranteed through the insurance. Five months later my car was making a noise on and off. I called and they fit me in the next day. My car decided to not make the noise the day I took it. The mechanic looked it over, took it for a drive, and then put it up on the lift to check everything out. He double-checked everything out. He ended up finding a rock that had worked its way into a place that could have been causing the noise. I’m glad he checked everything out and didn’t just dismiss me since it wasn’t making the noise that day. He said he wanted to make sure that everything was safe for me. All of the staff were very pleasant and helpful. I will definitely be back in the unfortunate event I need to and suggest them to anyone in need.  Jen W.